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Summer’s Birthday Surprise

Watch the first video for the birthday surprise. Then there’s another videos below showing the present being put to good use. These girls crack me up! See if you can guess the song!

(Another memorable moment today was when the girls camp upstairs mid afternoon with chocolate all over their face and hands. Summer was proudly holding her birthday cake with part of the top eaten out. Needless to say older sister Kiara put her decorating skills to good use after dinner, topping the rest of the cake with cream, strawberries and blueberries!)



No Whinging

I can’t stand whinging. And certain kids of ours are quite good at it! The phrase ‘stop whinging’ has had a good workout, now it’s time for something more creative. So I’ve made up a song. It won’t win platinum, but it’s been gold in our house over the last few days. A nice little tool in the parenting chest for relevant moments, and the kids are even having fun with it! It stops the whinging and brings a laugh. Josiah doesn’t like having it sung at him, so he sings it back louder. I don’t mind – he’s singing the message!

In this video, we sang it for Kristin for the first time. Kiara and Micah joined in the fun. Josiah wasn’t interested – he just wanted us to hurry up and finish so he could continue playing his game with dad, but he had a laugh reading my blog just now. Summer and Sarah are at a respite house this weekend, so they missed out on being in the video.

Ow My Head

The laughs: The girls make us laugh a lot. Summer did a good job tonight after an unexpected bump to Sarah. And watching this video back, they did a lot more laughing again.

The food: Summer and Sarah helped themselves to ‘Frozen’ rice bubbles after dinner. I was happy for them that they initiated and completed the task themselves. No matter they weren’t at the table. I’ve learned to be flexible with these two, especially Summer. Table is ideal. Loungeroom is not allowed. Elsewhere we can work with, if it means a good mood and food is eaten.

Dinner time we aim to have all seated. Sometimes we let Summer eat later. Sometimes we insist she sit with us or give her the alternative of bedtime. Then she chooses dinner. It can be hard work getting her to sit with us for the whole of dinner. Sometimes we just want to relax and focus on the other kids. Other times we just want the whole family to be together. So life and decisions ebb and flow. It’s been a long journey of learning the hard way, learning to be flexible.

All Five Kids Having Fun

Well this was an unexpected surprise. After dinner Kiara, Josiah and Micah decided to play a card and dice game – ‘Last Chance’. They went upstairs so they wouldn’t be interrupted. Well someone called ‘mum’ didn’t lock the door to upstairs, so guess what – Summer and Sarah opened it and went upstairs. I heard it happening while I was lounging on our giant bean bag. I waited for it – mum, mum, mum!!! OK. I reluctantly got up and went upstairs preparing to use all of my skills to cajole the girls, or Summer at least downstairs. Easier said than done! They did NOT want to move. But they were sitting there quite calmly so I suggested I lie on the couch next to them and keep an eye, and see how they went. The other kids reluctantly agreed. Well, surprise, surprise, it continued to go well. I thought that was amazing. I kept waiting for Summer to grab the dice and everything and then for the conflict to erupt, but she and Sarah just sat so nicely for ages. She did get the dice a few times, but fairly quickly gave it back, especially when I announced to everyone how good Summer was being. Kristin came upstairs and I told him to take a look. He suggested I video. So here’s a snapshot…

Abortion – Make The World A Better Place

Sitting in my chair I had a moment. And decided to record it…

Kudos to Candace Payne for recording such a beautiful version of ‘Heal the World’. I played the song on my iPhone as I spoke, as it set the atmosphere for what I wanted to convey. This world can be healed. This world can be a better place. We can approach the abortion issue with compassion and love, with value for all.