Summer’s Birthday Surprise

Watch the first video for the birthday surprise. Then there’s another videos below showing the present being put to good use. These girls crack me up! See if you can guess the song!

(Another memorable moment today was when the girls camp upstairs mid afternoon with chocolate all over their face and hands. Summer was proudly holding her birthday cake with part of the top eaten out. Needless to say older sister Kiara put her decorating skills to good use after dinner, topping the rest of the cake with cream, strawberries and blueberries!)



2 thoughts on “Summer’s Birthday Surprise

  1. This brought tears to my eyes to see so much joy on her face specially when she got her guitar . So Happy birthday Summer ???????

    1. Thanks Margot. It’s always such a treat to see her open presents. Even to watch her watching others opening presents. Her excitement is contagious. We loved watching her and Sarah sing with the guitar later too. That was priceless! More videos of that on blog too.

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